When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth!

Stomp, Chomp & Roar operates within the greater Omaha, Nebraska metro area and is operated by Dr. Nixon Anthony. We bring the dig site, the volcano and all the dinosaur themed activities to your front door. We ideally set up our parties along side our Jurassic Jeep Wrangler in your driveway, but can also bring our dig site into homes, community centers and other indoor venues.

Meet the Paleontologists!

Dr. Nixon Anthony - Lead Park Ranger

Omaha, Nebraska born and raised. Dr. Nixon Anthony started admiring dinosaurs at an early age. Growing up in the 90's it was easy to love dinosaurs after watching such films like; Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time.


Anthony recalls visiting Morril Hall, in Lincoln, NE, many times as a young boy and being mesmerized by the pre-historic beasts. The height of these amazing creatures can be astonishing to a young child. Some of them looking bigger than life.

His idea for Stomp, Chomp & Roar began after he customized his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to look like something from a Jurassic World film. The smiles that he left on young children's faces when he drove by inspired him. He wanted to bring the love for dinosaurs that he had as a young boy to other children in a fun and exciting way. 


Lab Assistant

Dr. Elace Anthony

Elace is instrumental in supporting the lab back at home and occasionally makes her way out into the field. She loves working with elementary age children and teaching them everyday. During the week she teaches music at Hitchcock Elementary school in the Millard Public School district. Without her assistance it would be difficult for Dr. Anthony to maintain all the work at the lab. Her favorite dinosaur is the pterodactyl. As a young girl, Elace, can remember watching Petrie, and all his friends, over and over again in The Land Before Time movies. 



"Hands down the BEST Birthday Party! The Junior Paleontologists learned so much and had a great time! Thank you Stomp, Chomp & Roar for an unforgettable day!"

- Amy Jones


“Thanks again for making my son's party so much fun. All of his friends will surely be talking about his party at school on Monday. You Rock!"

- Noah Summers


“Great Job on making my son's 8th birthday a memorable one. He has never had so much fun. Thanks again!"

- Sadie Quinn


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