When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth!

Stomp Chomp Roar is a mobile dinosaur themed entertainment service that operates in Omaha, Nebraska. We offer a variety of different packages for any public or private event.

We launched our small business during the Summer of 2018. Contact us for more information!

Meet the Paleontologists!

Anthony Pontiero - Owner & Lead Park Ranger

     Everyday I seem to have a different favorite dinosaur, but if I had to choose just one I would pick the Spinosaurus. This dinosaur is very similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but has a more narrow snout and has the sail on its back.

     After graduating from the University of Nebraska at Omaha as a Broadcasting major I moved my career into marketing. Over the summer of 2017 I bought a Jeep Wrangler and the idea was born! Over the next year I customized my Jeep, I created all my party activities and I developed my website. 

     My goal is to bring the excitement of dinosaurs, like I had as a kid, and the study of paleontology to children in an educational and an entertaining way! Unlike most kids, I continued liking dinosaurs as an adult!

- Dinosaur Ranger Anthony

Elace Pontiero - Co-Owner & Lab Assistant

     My favorite pre-historic animal is the Pteranodon! This creature isn't technically a dinosaur, although it did live during the Mesozoic Era. 

     During the time I am not helping out in the dinosaur lab I am teaching music at Hitchcock Elementary School. I have been teaching there since 2013. In high school I played the saxophone in the marching band.

     I always enjoy watching the junior paleontologists smile at each and every party. Their faces always light up when it comes to teaching them about dinosaurs. 

- Dinosaur Ranger Elace

Cecilia - Certified Junior Paleontologist

     My favorite dinosaur is the Pachycephalosaurus. I like them because of the dome shape on the top of their heads. 

     My favorite part of working at a party is watching the 2 foot tall super volcano explode! I like watching the lava flow onto the dinosaurs at the bottom of the volcano.

     When I am not working at a Stomp Chomp Roar party I like to dance and practice my instruments. I play the piano, the violin and the clarinet.

- JP. Cecilia

Fossils Left Behind -

Customer Reviews:


"Hands down the BEST Birthday Party! The Junior Paleontologists learned so much and had a great time! Thank you Stomp, Chomp & Roar for an unforgettable day!"


“If your little one is interested in ancient life, I encourage you to book a party with Stomp, Chomp & Roar. The price is excellent. Every single detail was handled. We only provided the cupcakes. Our party hosts were flexible, patient and kind. I've never had a smoother party."


"Thank you for entertaining all the kids for Adam's 5th Birthday party! I had two parents call me the next day telling me their children had so much fun. Thank you again!!!"

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