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Dinosaur Fossil Craft A+

Have you ever wanted to find your own dinosaur fossils?

On Presidents’ Day J.P. Cecilia and I created our very own dinosaur fossils out of plaster and clay. This was very easy, and the results were amazing!

Here are the supplies you'll need to create your own fossil:

- Clay

- Plaster of Paris

- Mixing Bowl

- Dinosaur Figures

- Acrylic Paint


1. Roll out the clay until it’s about a half of an inch thick.

2. Stamp a dinosaur figure into the clay and remove it slowly not to ruin any of the details that you left in the clay.

3. With separate piece of clay roll it into a snake shape. Use the snake piece of clay as a wall around your stamped-out dinosaur. Your dinosaur should now be at the bottom of a pool. Make sure no open spots are between your rolled out clay and your wall.

4. Mix together 1 cup of water and 1 cup of plaster of Paris. Pour the mixture over the dinosaur fossil and let it dry for around a hour.

5. Carefully remove the clay wall and flip the plaster over into your hand. Pull the clay mold from the plaster fossil.

6. Dust off any clay pieces still stuck to the plaster with a brush, but be gentle the plaster is still very brittle. For best results let your fossil dry overnight.

7. Paint your fossil and enjoy!

We were so impressed on how good our fossils turned out. I know we’ll be doing this again very soon!

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