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Welcome to Steve's Science Lab!

The sound of the air pressured doors as they opened away from each other was quite unique. As the doors opened wide the lights also flickered on one by one like dominoes towards the back of the science lab. The room was cold, and the counter tops smelled of Clorox wipes from the night before. It was a new day and a fresh beginning. The scientist walked to his desk and sat down next to his microscope as he started reading through his notes. It was time for the work to begin. Welcome to Steve's Science Lab by Stomp Chomp Roar!

The Science Lab was created to give children and students a resource for fun and educational experiments and activities in the field of science. In honor of my late father-in-law and local biologist, Stephen “Steve” A. Little, we dedicated the Science Lab in his name.

Steve was born during the Summer of 1969 in the small western Nebraska town of North Platte. After graduating from high school Steve enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he earned a degree in wildlife biology. Steve loved being outdoors and taking part in nature. We loved running together and pushing each other in a number of half marathons. He was also an avid hunter and fisherman. In the early 2000's, Steve started his career as a biologist for a local water utilities company in Omaha, NE. He can be seen in the image looking through a Olympus microscope for bacteria in water samples. Steve continued as a biologist before he would pass away on his 50th birthday after complications with a brain aneurysm. He would have enjoyed contributing to this new project of mine. We all miss him so much!

Let’s begin something fun!


Dr. Anthony

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