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Virtual Lesson

Classroom Virtual Lesson

Best for grades 3-6

  • 45 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • Virtual Lesson

Service Description

Available Topics: 1. Geological Nebraska - Students will learn all about geological time of Nebraska by looking into rock layers, fossils, and rocks. This lesson also includes a printable Geological Nebraska worksheet to help the children follow along throughout the lesson! 2. Junior Paleontologist Training - Students will learn all about the science of paleontology by understanding what a fossil is, how a fossil is formed, and where fossils can be found, all while viewing our prehistoric fossil collection. 3. Rocks, Layers, & Fossils - Students will learn about the three types of rock forms, the understanding of geological time, the layers of rock & Fossils. 4. Mesozoic Time Machine - Students will learn about geological time, mass extinctions, the super-continent of Pangea, and the age of reptiles... aka Dinosaurs! 5. Ice Age Mammals - Students will learn all about the five ice ages and the mammal species that fell extinct during this time... including the woolly mammoth! 6. Fossils Rock! (Music Class) - Students will learn all about dinosaurs as we dance to the story of Groovy Joe Ice Cream & Dinosaurs! Also learn how paleontologist prepare fossils as we dance to Fossils from the Carnival of the Animals. Details: Bring Dinosaur Ranger Anthony into your classroom anywhere in the world for a live lesson for your children via Zoom! Length: 45 minutes (20-25 minute presentation / Followed by a Q&A) Also Included: A link to the Stomp Chomp Roar Virtual Base Camp Google Slide and a Dinosaur Research Guide. *Classroom virtual lessons are intended for one classroom or school grade level. For schools looking to book multiple grade levels please contact us for details and a special group rates. *We reserve the right to use any photography taken at our events unless otherwise noted by the customer.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings may be cancelled up to seven days prior to the reservation date for a full refund. Bookings within seven days can be re-scheduled, but will be based upon staff availability.

Contact Details

(402) 650-5484

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